You’re Not Just Anything

You’re Not Just Anything

The next time you’re tempted to say, “I’m just a ______” when talking about what you do I want to encourage you to think differently.

You’re not JUST anything.

You are an ARTISAN. A partner of God using the unique gifts and opportunities He has given you to co-create a better today and a brighter tomorrow.

You may deliver babies or stay at home all day with one. You might load trucks or maybe you design them. You may pick up trash or design solutions to recycle it. Whether you’re the CEO or make the copies, YOU MATTER. Whatever your circumstance, YOUR WORK MATTERS.

So be present in that moment, THIS moment, and work at it with all of your heart. Wake up, even on Mondays, with holy anticipation and a smile in your heart that delightfully asks God, “What do we get to do together today in your creation?” We don’t live for the weekends we live for the glorious task we’re given today. It’s not TGIF it’s TGIM.

Because HE has invited US to collaborate in countless expressive ways. Not only a few hours on Sunday but as we interact and intersect. Whether from a coffee shop or a cubicle, a home or a construction site, make it a better place by the way you participate.

Co-create faith, hope, and love in the image of the Creator who crafted you.

No, you’re not “JUST a ________.”

You’re a _________, JUSTLY, lovingly, and creatively working in the kingdom of God at hand and in your midst.

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