Talmidim Podcast Season 2!

Talmidim Podcast Season 2!

In 2020 I launched a podcast called Talmidim! In Season 1 we took a deep, verse-by-verse, dive into the first 9 chapters of Luke. We’ve had listeners from over 20 countries and I’m excited to see how some are using this podcast as a weekly individual or group Bible study. These 16 episodes take a deep, verse by verse, dive into the story of Jesus, with the goal of learning to be his disciples today.

Season 2 is here as we pick up the journey in Luke 10. Now is a great time to go back and listen to Season 1. I look forward to journeying with you!

What is Talmidim?

Talmidim is the Hebrew word for disciples. This podcast is designed as a journey into the story of Jesus utilizing the gospel of Luke. I pray it can invite you into the fullness of life offered by Jesus and the Spirit.

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