Talmidim Journey Week 3!

Talmidim Journey Week 3!

The journey continues as we continue to explore the story of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke!  In class we continued with the birth narrative of John the Baptist and Jesus and closed by looking at the amazing backdrop of Jesus’ baptism.  The audio is now available for download HERE.  Next week we’ll continue by exploring the connection between the story of Israel and the story of Jesus through the wilderness temptation.  We’ll also journey with Jesus into the Synagogue to explore the Leviticus 25 Jubilee connection as Jesus stands to read from the scroll of Isaiah.

The readings will continue to be slightly ahead of where we have journeyed so far in class.  Keep hungering over the Word and echoing the Story in your journals.  The readings for the upcoming week are as follows:

Thursday (June 17): Luke 5:12-16

Friday (June 18): Luke 5:17-26

Saturday (June 19): Luke 5:27-39

Sunday (June 20): Life Group Reflections

Monday (June 21): Luke 6:1-16

Tuesday (June 22): Luke 6:17-49

Wednesday (June 23): Class 4 at Tusculum

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