Talmidim Journey Week 2!

Talmidim Journey Week 2!

We enjoyed another exciting week together “HAGAHing” over the Word of God!  In class this week we looked a little further into the Jewish roots of the Gospels while also doing a quick survey of the socio-political climate in Israel at the time of Jesus’ birth.  We spent the second half of class diving into Luke 1.  You can download the audio of this week’s class here.

Our Readings for this week are as follows:

Thursday – Luke 3 (entire chapter)

Note:  Also lookup the following three passages and see if you can connect them to Jesus’ baptism! (Psalm 2:7, Gen. 22:2, Isa. 42:1)

Friday – Luke 4:1-13

Saturday – Luke 4:14-30

Monday – Luke 4:31-44

Tuesday – Luke 5:1-11

I also assigned 3 supplemental readings from 3 different books.  You can pick those up from me Sunday if you’d like a copy.

We’re off to a great start!  Stay in the Word and begin to find your place in God’s Story “between the Trees!”

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