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Business As Mission

Business As Mission

15 things I’m teaching in Business As Mission in helping students develop a theology of work.

#1 Carrus. Vocacion.

Carrus (career) originally meant carrier.
Vocacion (vocation) originally meant calling.

Conclusion: Your career can be a carrier of your calling.

#2 Your Vocational Calling in 4D
delight reveals desire. (Ps. 37:4, Luke 12:34)
desire reveals design. (Ps. 139:14)
design reveals destiny. (Eph. 2:10)

If you delight in the Lord he wants to give to you a desire for something. That desire usually coordinates with the way he has designed you. And that design can reveal your destiny (future).

#3 Work As Expression of Belief
You’re not defined by your work but the way you do your work defines what you believe and who you believe in.

#4 Joy and Dedication
Joy is a catalyst for curiosity.
Dedication is a revelation of discipleship.

#5 Excellence and Ethic
Excellence is a catalyst for influence.
Ethic is a cultivator of ethos.

#6 Congratulations, You’re Gifted
Skill is a reflection of the creator who gifted you.
Stewardship of that skill is way of giving what you’ve been gifted.

#7 Work as Worship
Don’t worship your work but your work is an expression of your worship. (Rom. 12:1)

#8 It Doesn’t Have To Be Glamorous To Be Glorious
“For young [people] who have graduated from privileged colleges, or who have been lifted upward by the expensive entitlement culture, their soul life often begins with the basement work in the kitchen.” – Robert Bly (Iron John)

#9 Redeem the Profession
When those practicing a dishonest trade went to John to repent he didn’t tell them to quit their career. Instead he told them to REDEEM the profession (Luke 3, my paraphrase).

#10 The Original Plan
Work wasn’t just a good idea. It was God’s idea. (Gen. 1-2)

#11 The Glory of Co-Creation
It’s a glorious moment when we can wake up and say, “Good morning, Lord. What do we get to do together today?”

#12 TGIM!
When you see your work as your mission wake up even on Mondays and declare, “TGIM!”

#13 Artisanship as Justice
You’re not “just” anything. “Just” an accountant. “Just” a librarian. “Just” an engineer. Once you believe that you’ve reduced your vocational calling. You are an artisan using a skill. Use it to God’s glory in your vocation to bless others. Then you can say, “I’m not just a ____. I am a ____ working justly.”

#14 Work as Partnership
God didn’t create out of boredom but out of desire, creativity, and collaboration. He didn’t need you. He WANTED you. So he invited you as a partner in his startup (creation) to co-create and steward.

#15 Redemption
After the fall, work devolved from co-creation to “painful toil.” Mission devolved from co-care to, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” Jesus came to restore and redeem both.