About Rob

About Rob

Who I Am

My name is Rob Touchstone.  I am not my own.  I was bought with a price. I am a son of God, a disciple of Jesus, a home for the Holy Spirit, a husband to a beautiful wife, a father to four precious children, a teacher, a church planter, a servant, a friend, an entrepreneur, a mentor, and an imperfect but moldable piece of clay in the hands of God.

I cherish every moment in this journey with my wife, children, extended family, church family, friends, students, and all of the the amazing people I get to meet and work alongside every day.

This blog is simply an expression of my imperfect but passionate journey to listen to Jesus, go where He goes, and do what He does.

What I Do

I have a passion for the marginalized, impoverished, and oppressed and believe that one of the most effective ways to address local and global needs is through sustainable impact through business as mission. I wrote the vision for and co-founded The Well Coffeehouse in 2012 as a social enterprise that turns profits into hope for those in need globally while creating an inclusive space to love people locally.

I currently serve full time on the faculty of the College of Business at Lipscomb University and serve as the founding Director of our Center for Business As Mission. I also serve as an adjunct faculty in the College of Bible and Ministry.

In 2013 I planted a church that now goes by the name DWELL. It is an embracing, inclusive community that gathers in The Well Coffeehouse each week in the midst of the marketplace and open to all.

I earned a Master of Divinity from Lipscomb University and served students for over 16 years as a youth minister.

My greatest blessing is being a husband and father.  I am happily married to Aimee and we have four children – Anna, John Mark, Mary Ann, and Andrew.

2016 Nashville Business Innovator of The Year

2015 Mary Morris Award for Exemplary Service To Society

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