It’s Not YOUR Fault…Anymore

Like everyone I am stunned by the loss of one of my favorite actors. Robin Williams felt like a friend. Sunday night I was sitting with a friend who was sharing a deep struggle stemming from a tragedy long ago for which she blames herself. I immediately thought of one of my favorite all time movie scenes from the film, Good Will Hunting. Robin Williams delivers the powerful line repeatedly, “It’s not your fault” to a deeply troubled young man played by Matt Damon. These powerful words of release lead to deep healing in the film. Late Sunday night I told my friend, “If I have to bring Robin Williams here to say those words himself in order for you to believe them, I’ll do it.” 24 hours later, Robin Williams was gone. I pray that my friend will hear these words even more powerfully now than Sunday night. Because I believe Jesus speaks in unexpected ways, through surprising voices, and in unlikely places. May all who are hurting, who are blaming themselves, who are on the verge of giving up…find healing and life as you hear Jesus take your faults and shortcomings and brokenness upon Himself. “It’s not your fault.” Whether you are truly to blame or are an innocent victim, Jesus is there in the midst of it all, offering to take your guilt and your shame so that you can be free. “It’s not your fault.” Because only Jesus knows what you’ve been through and how that has […]

Introducing…The Well

You may have recently heard some talk about “changing the world” and “coffee” flowing throughout my social media outlets.   I am extremely excited to be able to go public with news of a vision that is getting close to becoming a reality. About 4 years ago I asked myself a difficult question.  What would it take to truly embody the presence of Christ IN the community and the world?  I passionately wrote about 15 pages of a dream to change the world through a missional coffeehouse.  The vision had been inspired by The Shaping of Things To Come, an incredible book I was reading at the time.  But I didn’t know how to do it.  All I knew was that the “how?” was God’s department. Three years ago my good friend Brian Holaway and I collaborated our visions.  Together we dreamed to start a missional coffeehouse that would seek to take the money that people spend on coffee and give it away to the poorest, most oppressed people in the world.  It would be our way of trying to live out the many things in the Bible that God has to say about the poor and the oppressed. This would not a be a typical non-profit because it would revolve around more than a business.  It would be about a shared community seeking together to change the world one person and one cup of coffee at a time. After much work it became clear to us both that the timing […]

So I Baptized an iPhone…

The mood was set perfectly.  Friends gathered around the baptistry as  I stood  with Andrew who joined me in the water to give his life to Jesus.  Andrew was about to become a new man when all of a sudden an iPhone leaped for joy out of the hand of the one videoing.    He was capturing this glorious moment in high definition on a shiny new iPhone. We all watched in horror as the iPhone hurdled the railing, smacked the floor beside the baptistry,  and then dove neatly into the baptismal waters.  I think it was actually more like a backflip but either way I’d give it a perfect 10.  Like a scuba diver, the iPhone submerged peacefully to the bottom, capturing every glorious second on its still recording hard drive.  I froze…for a second.  It was one of those, “no way that just happened moments.”  Finally, I reached down into the deep, rescued the iPhone, and handed it back into the hands of its owner who was as in shock as anyone. An awkward pause later, I let out a chuckle to break the tension that everyone felt over an iPhone that sought redemption.  Moments later, Andrew became a new man in Christ.  What about the iPhone?  Read on.  And as you do, let’s explore something together. What is the role of technology in the life of a Christian?  Does it help or hurt us on our journey? The answer isn’t quite that simple.  Maybe a better question […]