12 Aug

It’s Not YOUR Fault…Anymore

Like everyone I am stunned by the loss of one of my favorite actors. Robin Williams felt like a friend. Sunday night I was sitting with a friend who was sharing a deep struggle stemming from a tragedy long ago for which she blames herself. I immediately thought of one of my favorite all time movie scenes from the film, Good Will Hunting. Robin Williams delivers the powerful line repeatedly, “It’s not your fault” to a deeply troubled young man played by Matt Damon. These powerful words of release lead to deep healing in the film.

Late Sunday night I told my friend, “If I have to bring Robin Williams here to say those words himself in order for you to believe them, I’ll do it.” 24 hours later, Robin Williams was gone. I pray that my friend will hear these words even more powerfully now than Sunday night. Because I believe Jesus speaks in unexpected ways, through surprising voices, and in unlikely places.

May all who are hurting, who are blaming themselves, who are on the verge of giving up…find healing and life as you hear Jesus take your faults and shortcomings and brokenness upon Himself. “It’s not your fault.” Whether you are truly to blame or are an innocent victim, Jesus is there in the midst of it all, offering to take your guilt and your shame so that you can be free. “It’s not your fault.” Because only Jesus knows what you’ve been through and how that has shaped your life and the decisions you’ve made. “It’s not YOUR fault. “ He has taken your faults. Because of that, they are no longer yours.  “It’s not YOUR fault…anymore.”  Surrender it to Jesus. Let it go.  Forever.

Friends, because of Jesus there is always hope. Always. Always. Always. Thank you Jesus for speaking in unexpected ways through a wounded healer. Whether it was the clown nose of Patch Adams, the wounded therapist Sean Maguire, or “O Captain My Captain” John Keating, you spoke words of hope in unexpected places in Hollywood as the whole world was listening in. Words that pointed us to the true source of life.

Thank you Jesus for being that source of Life. May we all cling to you, our wounded Healer, as we find the hope found in your love, acceptance, and grace.

One thought on “It’s Not YOUR Fault…Anymore

  1. God randomly dropped this scene in my head in June 2014 and I felt Jesus saying to me, “It’s not your fault.” It made me want to cry. I always blamed myself for the condition of my life and knew God had compassion on me, yet I still fully faulted myself for all the pain in my life and who I had become. I asked God to confirm it if it was indeed Him who dropped that scene in my head. The next day I was watching Dutch Sheets on Sid Roth and his past was so similar to mine and said “God told me ‘It’s not your fault…I’m not mad at you…” I couldn’t believe he used “It’s not your fault.” and I knew that was confirmation. I cried and cried. Then, a couple months later I was reading a Christian book called Wild At Heart and randomly opened to the middle of it and there in black and white was the scene from Good Will Hunting. Then, shockingly Robin Williams passed away. It was just so weird how Robin Williams was never on my mind anymore than any other good actor, yet the months prior to his death he was on my mind a lot. He was in my conversations. I was telling God I wished I had a therapist like his character in the movie. I know he’s with Jesus now.

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