Well House Nolensville

When I was in first grade I learned about  the meaning of “church” in Sunday school.  We put our tiny hands together in prayer-like position, interlocking our sticky little fingers for the “surprise” that would await inside those folded hands.  Maybe you you’ve heard it before.    Take out your “church” hands and repeat after me…                                   It seems like such an innocent illustration but I’m afraid we’re still feeling the repercussions of this type of thinking. If THIS is our only picture of the church,  we have a problem ON OUR HANDS (figuratively and literally).  And though we may have learned this as children, I’m not sure we’ve ever really recovered as adults who have been conditioned to “go to church” rather than to BE THE CHURCH. But there is  Good News!  Hey, who told you to take your hands apart?  Put them back together just as you left them because here’s the hopeful reality!   With palms to the sky and your little “people” dancing for joy, start the rhyme again…THIS is the church! And THESE are the people!  If you really, really must finish the rhyme I’m sure you can figure out something to say about the absolute necessity of the steeple. If this resonates let me share with you how we hope to reframe that seemingly harmless little rhyme in a way that we believe harmonizes with the spirit of the early church.  Welcome to Well House Nolensville. Well […]

The Six Hour Song
Lasso The Moon

I wrote and delivered the following as a 9 minute talk at Q Commons in Nashville hosted at Lipscomb University, February 26, 2015. I once convinced my children that I lassoed the moon. Oh, the beautiful power of imagination. It was the perfect night to pull off such a caper. Windy, partly cloudy, and the illusion of a full moon racing across the sky. Inspired by my favorite movie character, George Bailey, I stooped down, picked up an invisible “magic” lasso and said, “Hey kids, watch this!” as I flung it skyward, capturing not only the moon, but the imaginations of two wide-eyed children who dared to imagine with me. And though it defied all logic, they dared to believe. A few short years ago I dared to imagine how love could be embodied as business. Not just business on a mission or for a mission or even with a mission. But business as mission. Business as a vehicle for the advancing kingdom of God. Business that invited the consumer to be consumed in a bigger story. But I had no business starting a business. I didn’t have the training, the education, or the experience in business. My limited business experience came from selling golf balls as a kid growing up near a golf course. (That story is here.) Even so, I dared to imagine. And that imagination turned into creation as I co-founded The Well Coffeehouse as a way to participate in the kingdom of God. The Well was designed as an […]