Social Entrepreneurship

A few things I’m teaching students in Business As Mission about how social enterprise has potential to create sustainable impact in the world: Be Prophetic With Profit It’s not only okay to create profit it’s essential for sustainability. But be prophetic. This doesn’t just mean telling the future it’s speaking truth over or into something.

Business As Mission

15 things I’m teaching in Business As Mission in helping students develop a theology of work. #1 Carrus. Vocacion. Carrus (career) originally meant carrier. Vocacion (vocation) originally meant calling. Conclusion: Your career can be a carrier of your calling. #2 Your Vocational Calling in 4D delight reveals desire. (Ps. 37:4, Luke 12:34) desire reveals design.

You’re Not Just Anything

The next time you’re tempted to say, “I’m just a ______” when talking about what you do I want to encourage you to think differently. You’re not JUST anything. You are an ARTISAN. A partner of God using the unique gifts and opportunities He has given you to co-create a better today and a brighter